Corporate Sailing

In the modern, high-octane world of business we no longer have the luxury of working nine-to-five.  However, we do have the luxury of entertaining and relaxing in new and exciting ways.

Welcome to Geronimo Corporate Sailing.

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Client Entertaining

"The customer is King", He is the lifeblood of your business.  Why not make him feel like a King and take him out for a day or longer with Geronimo Sailing.  Providing the "hands on", " get stuck in day" or a "wine and dine day".

Trust us at Geronimo Sailing to create a memory and an image that your client will NEVER forget.

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Team Building

As the manager of a company you realise that your team and your customers are the most vital assets you have.

Geronimo Sailing provide a platform through its range of sailing team building activities, that brings everyone together at an equal level and encourages communication within the group.  Barriers are broken down and strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. 

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